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Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air
LOVE IS IN THE AIR by 303 LOVERS and Hotfingers

303Lovers and Hotfingers are two brand new Labels formed in August 2007 Manuel De La Mare, Alex Kenji and Luigi Rocca (Marshall).
Based in Tuscany, Italy, the label is becoming an established national and international reality thanks to the support and collaboration of some of the coolest producers, movers and shakers of todays electronic music scene. Their sound and style can range across Techno, Tech House, Electro... and Minimal as well, modern and eclectic, but always appealing to underground music lovers in this time of crossover madness and genre melting.

Luigi Rocca:

The Italian electronic scene has been bubbling ferociously lately with some incredible talent and none more so than Turin based Luigi Rocca. The self-made producer and global travelling DJ also runs three of the most exciting record labels to emerge from Italy in the past 10 years - Hotfingers, Tuamotu and 303Lovers – alongside Manuel De La Mare and Alex Kenji.  An international DJ in his own right Luigi has managed to forge a successful career circumnavigating the world performing at some of the planets most renowned and best-loved parties, where his unrivalled dexterity behind the CDJs has led to repeat bookings throughout Europe, North and South America.

Manuel De La Mare:

Manuel De La Mare dj, producer and label owner of 303Lovers and Hotfingers. His connection with music starts at a very early age by experimenting with diverse instruments, ten years ago he began working behind the turntables, quickly developing his own unforgettable style which is the result of the lifetime musical influence.
His eclectic production varies between all possible electronic genres, gaining fame among controversial crowds. He reaches the world’s hottest destinations from Asia to South and North America, Africa and spots all over Europe.


Alex Kenji:

Alessandro Bacci (29), aka Alex Kenji, is an internationally renowned and respected DJ/producer with over 10 years experience of producing, DJ’ing, and performing. As well as ‘Alex Kenji’, he has released records under host of pseudonyms including: Yoshie Chandler, Combo, Green Sugar, HouseLovers, D.L.D., Orange Love, Kaiko, Itchy Bit and many others.

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