*TiPP* INSIST 004 - Sascha Barth - Daughter & Son
For its fourth release INSIST MUSIC label owners Patrick Kunkel and Dirk Redmer have decided to take an old colleague on board. Sascha Barth, who has published among other labels on Terminal M (the label of Monika Kruse), Harthouse ,Circle Music and various other compilations, presents himself with his familiar driving and intelligent tech-house on INSIST 004.
 With Daughter & Son on the B-Side of the vinyl, the Freiburg native presents a groovy, playful and impulsive sound that is guaranteed to let a summer feeling arise.

Set between classical techno and modern tech-house the title track Daughter & Son points consistently towards summer.
Patrick Kunkel & Dirk Redmer refine their remix with a hypnotic bass line, but then let the track, with its dub elements and the choir parts, drift so incredibly beautiful into the sunrise, that one would wish for an infinite loop. The Beach with its more playful harmony feeling and percussive gantry gives a first taste of the Open-Air season 2012. In addition to the vinyl, there are two other digital only tracks.

In cooperation with Sanderson Dear two extraordinary songs have been created.
 Prestigio, bleak but full of feeling, is built up piece by piece and after two minutes opens up to a driving, pleasant tech-house track that is dreamy rounded up with small vocals. The signs indicate it uncompromisingly; the mix is a superb dance floor track.
 Anti Artica, the second digital only track is a successful techno-like and experimental song.

A pumping bass line, a crisp kick and a catchy minimal melody make this song the perfect floor filler.
Overall, Sasch Barth, Sanderson Dear, Patrick Kunkel and Dirk Redmer have succeeded in producing a complete package for every DJ from House to Techno